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作者: yueyrt1xuY    時間: 2018-2-13 23:22     標題: China NFL Jerseys given the levels of development

– Robert CorbinLeader of the People’s National Congress Reform, Robert Corbin, says that Winston Murray’s resignation as chairperson of the party is no crisis situation, and that the party could weather it.Corbin made the comments in light of speculations that the party was in panic mode and had called a special meeting at its headquarters at Congress Place, Sophia.Former PNCR Chairman, Winston MurrayCorbin insisted that this was far from the truth, in that the meeting was merely to formally convey to the party the move by Murray, as well as to reaffirm the party’s commitments to its work programme.He added that a decision on Murray’s replacement will be made when the Central Executive Members of the party meet on the next occasion.The party currently possesses two vice-chairpersons, namely, Shadow Labour Minister Basil Williams and Shadow Human Services and Social Security Minister and Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee, Volda Lawrence.The party made public Murray’s resignation as chairman of the party on Saturday, pointing to disagreements over his position on the Economic Partnership Agreement between Europe and CARIFORUM.Murray’s resignation as Chairman marks a further rift in the leadership of the main opposition party.Murray is the highest ranking member of the party to have taken such drastic action allegedly over disagreements with the party hierarchy.Murray’s resignation took effect on January 15, the party said. However, he remains a member of the PNCR and will continue to sit as a Member of Parliament for the party.Murray said his resignation is a direct result of his principled objection to the issuance of a statement in the name of the PNCR, which essentially amounted to an abandonment of the position that he publicly represented at the consultations held by President Jagdeo during September of last year on the then proposed EPA.He had represented the party as leader, since the PNCR leader Robert Corbin was out of the country.Murray had essentially supported President Bharrat Jagdeo’s position that the EPA was a bad deal for Guyana.“We do not see the reality as a fair agreement between the EU and CARIFORUM countries, and it has always been understood,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, given the levels of development, that these agreements would be contentious. They should be without injury and send us into development of our people.“If an impact assessment was to be conducted, I do not think that we have enough information on the cost and the impact this will have on our countries…I think that we need time to scrutinise this agreement, and also it serves as a wake-up call for the Caribbean and CARICOM in terms of where its development is going,” Murray had stated.Jagdeo had commended the PNCR for “the strong,Wholesale China Jerseys, firm and positive position” that the party took on the matter.However,Soccer Jerseys China, the PNCR dropped Murray’s position and called on the Government to join the other countries of the Caribbean Community in signing the EPA.As a result of the party’s abandonment of his position on the EPA,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, Murray expressed his strongly held view that “It has become impossible for me to continue with any credibility in the office of chairman of the party.”However, following discussions with the Leader, the PNCR said,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, Murray has agreed to be a key member of a special task force set up to redefine a strategic plan for the future of the PNCR, and to reposition the party before 2011, as directed by the 14th Biennial Congress.The party thanked Murray for “the tremendous contribution he has made over the years as Chairman.”Murray’s resignation as Chairman sparks renewed controversy over Corbin’s leadership of the party.Early in December, 2008, Vice-Chairman Vincent Alexander resigned from the Local Government Task Force, on which he was representing the party, and did not renew his membership of the party.Alexander’s resignation followed the decision of the party to recall James McAllister as a Member of Parliament.McAllister was part of “Team Alexander” which in April, 2007 expressed interest in mounting a challenge to Corbin’s leadership at the party’s biennial congress. The challenge was withdrawn just before the congress in the face of “hostility”, Alexander had stated.“The party,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, in its attempts to destroy the seeds of a new policy and to emasculate those who dared to traverse a new and progressive path, went into killer drive and trumped-up charges against those who dared to challenge the status quo,” Alexander said when he resigned.Dissent in the PNCR started to show up glaringly when Raphael Trotman resigned in May, 2005 and joined with Khemraj Ramjattan, who was booted from the ruling People’s Progressive Party, to form their own political movement to contest the 2006 General Elections.Since then, several key members of the PNCR have left, including Stanley Ming, Peter Ramsaroop and Jerome Khan.VCT television owner Anthony Vieira, who joined the party in 2006, had also recently resigned from being a Member of Parliament for the party, but withdrew his resignation upon the insistence of Corbin.

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