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Many braved the rain yesterday to get their final chance (that is until next year) to interact with large and smallModel house offered by Buddy’s Housing Development entities in the construction, financing, and home furnishing industries at one location, the National Stadium, Providence. The event: Guyana Building Expo, hosted by the Ministry of Housing.The Building Expo was created last year in light of the housing expansion in Guyana. Though, it serves to inform homeowners and potential homeowners about the various products and services available for home construction, many businesses find the expo as an effective marketing medium.Newly established businesses as well as those that have become household names lined the stadium’s tarmac showcasing what they have to offer to Guyanese. The diversity of products and services that were available for public digestion demonstrated that no industry is isolated.Interior designing of homes in Guyana is transforming with new modern features in every room. Companies are expanding their line of products to meet this acquired taste.According to Qi Yuan Zhang,Authentic Atlanta Falcons Jersey, Manager of The New Thriving Modern Building Solution, the company is in its first year of existence and management thought the Building Expo is the best event to advertise its products that would enhance the internal appearance of homes.Qi pointed out that their products, including modern steam shower bathes, tiles (ranging from granite to marble), and kitchen sets, are directly imported from China. This allows them to sell quality products at affordable prices, meeting the pockets of the average Guyanese.Caterpillar machine on display at MACORP boothCompanies are already receiving positive responses from the Expo as patrons are placing orders and visiting head offices to purchase items. This revelation was made by several entities that gave high praises to the exposition. They stressed that responses from last year motivated them to participate in this year’s event.Mohamed Roshandin, Proprietor,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Guy-American Furniture,Cheap Jerseys From China, emphasized that the company has limited stock available as persons who visited the booth are ordering furniture. This scenario commenced the first night of the Expo. He noted that customers are pleased with the quality of work they see in the displays.Roshandin emphasized that everything is manufactured locally and products are customized to meet the customers’ desires. At this year’s event, the company has brought its line of kitchen sets to suit low, middle, and high income homes.While many companies have similar products, Toolsie Persaud Limited and Group of Companies, showed the variation in technology that could be employed when constructing homes. On display among the many pipes and fittings, was a plastic septic tank. According to Mohan Harnan, Hardware Manager, the plastic septic tank is durable and has lifetime guarantee.He noted that the company has the capacity to construct homes from foundation to roof. It also provides readymix services and delivers the end product to the destination as required.Instead of constructing a home, which may take several months,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, and a lengthy waiting time for one’s house lot application to process at the Ministry of Housing, some persons prefer to purchase houses from private home developers.Buddy’s Housing Development displayed a model of one of its houses that is for sale at Green Acres, Providence. This new project has 250 houses available in two different categories.Ryan Shivraj, Manager, Buddy’s Housing Development stated that the Expo has enabled the company to inform potential clients of various houses available for sale. He emphasized that since the commencement of the Expo numerous clients have visited the office for serious inquiries.Shivraj posited that clients wanting to purchase one of the houses have to make a 20 percent down payment. The company recommends clients to GBTI and Citizens Bank but financing from other financial institutions is accepted.Barama Company Limited joined its manufacturing counterparts and participated in this year’s event. Krishna Basdeo, Assistant Manager, Forest Planning, noted that the main product on display is the different grade and sizes of plywood. He emphasized that the plywood factory was down but now it is working and the company is supplying the local and regional markets.In addition, on display were lesser known and used species: Dakamaballi and Monkey Pot; and decking product: Green Heart and Purple Heart. He explained that decking is usually high priced but the lesser known flooring products are now entering the market.MACORP, the only caterpillar supplier in Guyana, participated in the Expo, displaying its heavy duty equipment. Pernell Cummings,Wholesale Football Jerseys, Marketing Assistant, MACORP stated that the company targeted construction and mining companies, power generation,Wholesale Jerseys, and safety equipment.

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