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The sharing of information and constant communication between Regional Officers and central Ministries is pertinent for the delivery of improved services across the country, says Norman Whittaker,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development.He was at the time addressing Regional Heads, at an event organized by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The function was held at the International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara yesterday.Norman WhittakerA press statement issued by the Ministry of Education noted that a call was made for Regional Officials to foster better working relationships with each other both within and across the Regions towards improving the delivery of education.The objective of the meeting was particularly to identify the challenges encountered in the delivery of education and education services within regionally.According to Whittaker,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, the need exists for enhanced information sharing with the central Ministries and amongst Regional Officers.  He said that,Discount Football Jerseys, “Our officers are not reaching out enough.”Whittaker said that the discourse is not to point fingers or lay blame but rather, an opportunity to identify, while all stakeholders are present, the challenges officers face in the execution of their duties.Meanwhile, Minister of Education,Cheap Jerseys USA, Priya Manickchand encouraged officers to employ good management practices to ensure efficiency and the effective implementation of policies.She stressed that there needs to be better management of resources as Guyana’s development is intrinsically reliant upon smart planning, collaboration and good management of resources made available by the Government.The Minister posited, “the only way for a country to grow is through investing in her people though education”.She encouraged officers to share their ideas on how the delivery of education could be improved and to identify what they would need to effectively do their work.Priya ManickchandDuring the meeting, Regional Officials highlighted challenges in the area of communication, management of programmes, management of human resources, supply of books,NFL Jerseys China, and personnel, among other pertinent matters.

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