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標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys China the Magistrate ordered Crandon to post $10 [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1xuY    時間: 5 天前 23:55     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys China the Magistrate ordered Crandon to post $10

Two stolen cases of Vita Malt and $6,000 in cash were the reasons for two men being hauled before City Magistrate Alex Moore yesterday, to answer separate charges of simple larceny.It is alleged that on August 24, at Thomas Lands, Georgetown, Alton Giddings stole $6,000, property of Allison Williams.Meanwhile, Keron Crandon is accused of stealing two cases of Vita Malt valued $10,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,000 from Survival Supermarket, on August 26, at Campbellville,Authentic China Jerseys, Georgetown.The men denied the charges after they were read to them in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. They were both released on bail. Giddings was placed on $10,000 bail,Cheap NFL Jerseys, while Crandon was released on self bail.Both men were ordered to be present in court on September 10 – Giddings for reports and Crandon for the commencement of a trial, since the prosecution’s file is complete. Twelve witnesses are slated to testify.In relation to the charge against Crandon, Police Prosecutor,China NFL Jerseys, Sergeant Gillian Simons, told the court that the man was caught red handed with the items in his possession. And he was later arrested and charged.Meanwhile,Wholesale Jerseys China, Crandon, who told the court he sleeps on the streets, explained that he did not steal the items. He said that on the day in question, he was behind a container sleeping when the police came and arrested him.Initially, the Magistrate ordered Crandon to post $10,000 bond. But after Crandon explained that he had no one to pay the money,Cheap MLS Jerseys, the magistrate sent him on his own recognizance.

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