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作者: yueyrt1xuY    時間: 2017-11-14 23:51     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys China Henry Dundas

The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) is working to provide an improved business/ postal service to members of the public.Last week Postmaster General, Henry Dundas, explained that the recent hike in postage rates is practical, taking into consideration several factors including the changes taking place in the international mailing and postal operations.“It is public knowledge that GPOC does not receive a government subvention thus increasing our rates was the most suitable move to sustain our services.”Although Mr. Dundas did not disclose the annual earnings of GPOC, he said that the increased rate were necessary since plans are underway to enhance the physical structure of the Post Office.“We are looking to enhance the physical environment of the post office to make it more suitable for persons to conduct business.”Last month, GPOC announced an increase in rates for domestic as well as overseas postal services.The domestic rate for the first 20 grams was increased to $80; while Caribbean postage was adjusted to $130. Packages for Central, North and South America have increased to $150.For the first 20 grams,Cheap China Jerseys, the new rate for Great Britain is $160 while Asia, Africa,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Europe/Australia postal rate has adjusted to $200.Deputy Postmaster General of the Corporation, Abdul Hassan, had related that plans are in the pipeline to further introduce a computerized service to GPOC offices,NFL Jerseys Supply, which will better facilitate business transactions.Hassan revealed, “At present,Wholesale China Jerseys, we have 27 offices that are equipped with computers to assist with the money transfer and bill payment services; this is giving us a bit more efficiency in those areas.”The Deputy Postmaster General further explained that GPOC is working to find new ways to increase its revenues, since the use of technology has had a severe impact on the postal service.However, Mr. Hassan says that GPOC business operations and domestic postage service has been steady, has aided in  preserving the operations of GPOC.In recent years,Wholesale China Jerseys, the Corporation has been in direct competition from emails and other private couriers. But it remained the main distributor of utility bills. It faced some financial fallout when a large section of its Robb Street headquarters,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, which was being rented to the Guyana Revenue Authority, was left empty after that agency left.In an earlier statement GPOC said that the change is necessary to bring the Corporation’s revenue in line with other costs. “Geographical factors have been taken into consideration in our determination for increases,” GPOC said.

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